Holly Class – April

We are encouraging families to not put themselves under pressure at this time and to complete what is right for their child and their family circumstance.

Mrs Nicolas will not be asking for any work to be handed in for marking but if your child wants to make contact with her or show her work they have completed then they can by emailing: holly.class.2020@hotmail.com

No lessons will be set for the Easter period but please find some Easter activities to help keep your child busy during this time below:


Home learning websites and resources list

Year 3 and 4 Spelling Words

Week 6 Beginning 20th April 2020


Australia PPTnurslingprimary.co.uk/…uploads/Week-6.pdf

Home learning websites and resources list

United Kingdom PPT

Week 6

Hampshire PE Primary Challenge

If you complete the PE challenge above, email your completed copy into Mr Allen at birch.class.2020@hotmail.com

Worksheets for week 6. Beginning 20th April 2020

English 1 -Facts Beatrix Potter

English 2 – Comprehension Questions

English 3 – Comparison of two stories

Geography 1 – Where Is Australia

Geography 2 – comparison

Geography 3 – Flags

Geography 4-5 – Holiday leaflet

Maths 1 – Multiplication Grid

Maths 2

Maths 3

Maths 4

Maths 5

Maths Extension 5

Week 7. Beginning 27th April 2020

Week 7

Wc 27.04.2020 Primary Physical Activity Challenges HCC

Week 7 Resources

Food and Nutrition

Home learning websites and resources list

Types of Graphs

Week 7

DT 1 – vitamins

DT 3 – A balanced plate design

DT 4 – Analysing

Eng 1 story board

Eng 2 story board

Eng 3 story plan

Maths 1 – TT grid

Maths 2 – Pictograms

Maths 3 – Represent data – pictograms

Maths 4 – Interpreting Bar Charts

Maths 5 – Pictogram – Bar Chart examples

Making Music

Easter Craft and activities

Keep Fit

If you complete the PE challenges below then email into Mr Allen at birch.class.2020@hotmail.com