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We all function better when we get a good night’s sleep. Children ideally need 8 hours of sleep each night. Action for Children have good suggestions and advice on sleep.

How can you help to support your child? Maybe by: limiting time allowed on electronics, eating dinner together around a table, talking about the day, sharing a book or going for a walk. Always try to focus on the positives and never go to bed on an argument!

The link above Safe4Me has loads of information on how to keep you and your child safe.

The Mentally Healthy Schools platform can be accessed here:

Children and young people with developmental trauma may recall Christmas as the time when the adults around them, who perhaps were always unpredictable, frightening and abusive, become even more so –
for these children and young people, Christmas may be anticipated with terror. Click on the link below to find out more…

Adoption Partnership South East Christmas for Children and Young People who have experienced trauma

Chat health service:

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Managing Behaviour

The link below takes you to a website ‘Safe4Me’ has loads of information on how to keep you and your child safe.


Are you struggling to manage challenging behaviour at home? Please do not feel alone.  Modelling a calm approach when a situation becomes difficult is sometimes a huge ask but can often be the most effective way of bringing things back under control. Talk to your child, don’t shout. Give clear and firm instructions. Praise positive behaviour choices.See the source image

We will continue to build on resources below that may be of help…







The power point has been put together by the county PSA’s (parent support advisors) who are part of the Primary Behaviour Service.  The pack is intended to be easily accessibly to parents, covering a range of topics and questions they may have from sleep to positive parenting routines and beyond.  All things familiar to families but which may have been impacted or exacerbated further by the lockdown situation and which in turn may have affected the wellbeing of the parent and child.

WfER PBS Parenting Support Pack Final Version 2021-01-12

Safe Online

The link below takes you to the website ‘SafeForMe’ that has a wealth of information for keeping you and your child safe in many situations. 


As we all adapt to Home Learning and working a lot more online, please access these websites for support for you in keeping your child safe online.

O2 NSPCC Bookmark

We are getting more and more parents who dislike seeing inappropriate activity on social media pages including the Nursling Mum’s and Dad’s Facebook page which is not run by the school. We thank all our parents who are following the home-school agreement and for bringing screenshots of these activities to our attention.

In response to this we have created a new information sheet for parents with some helpful information, guidance and expectations on it. Please click on this link to access… Information for parents on use of social media.

If we are made aware that a particular person has posted inappropriately, we will write a letter to that person asking them to remind themselves of the home-school agreement and will enclose the information sheet for parents. Please be responsible for your actions.

Click on the links below to get some helpful hints and tips about keeping your child safe online.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about children being hacked whilst playing games. It is vital you are vigilant and keep a very close eye on what your children are playing and who they are talking to online. This website link has a wealth of up to date information on it for parents: