Mosaic smallNursling school is fortunate to have an enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association. This is a registered charity, with a written constitution, and holds an annual AGM where a committee is elected who co-ordinate fundraising events. Regular meetings are held to discuss forthcoming events, new fundraising ideas and ways to build our school community spirit.

The funds that are raised are used in a variety of ways, from small floats donated to teachers for little classroom extras, to building works that costs many thousands of pounds. Recent projects include the purchase of the musical instruments in the playground, the donation towards Year 6 leavers end of term celebrations and money towards the school gardening project. If the idea of sitting in meetings puts you off being involved – think again!

There are a variety of ways in which help and support can be given to the PTA. You may enjoy serving refreshments at the school sports day or helping at the school disco. The work we do, fun we have and sense of achievement that we get from helping with the PTA all go towards creating a better environment for our children to learn in.

Being involved in our children’s school is very rewarding. If you can help in any way, please contact a PTA member, or leave a note in the PTA box at the doors to reception.

Just leave a note in the PTA box. Situated at the entrance to the main reception area or just have a chat with us at school or in the playground.

Link to PTA website