We believe children learn in a variety of different ways so we have ensured that our curriculum is stimulating, age appropriate and full of first-hand experiences! We want to engage our children and support them in becoming life-long learners!

Religious Education

RE is taught using two key elements. We use Understanding Christianity as a resource to support the teaching of the Living Difference Syllabus. By combining the two, the children are provided with a deeper understanding of Christian concepts using the ‘Cycle of Inquiry’:

  • Inquire into religious/non-religious concepts by making sense of the concept
  • Contextualise by showing an understanding of the impact
  • Evaluate by making connections
  • Communicate own responses
  • Apply their own beliefs and values to situations in their own and other’s lives.

RE teaching is blocked every half term and also taught where festivals or dates lend themselves to this.

Reading & Phonics:

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