Holly Class – March

We are encouraging families to not put themselves under pressure at this time and to complete what is right for their child and their family circumstance.

Mrs Nicolas will not be asking for any work to be handed in for marking but if your child wants to make contact with her or show her work they have completed then they can by emailing: holly.class.2020@hotmail.com

Please click on the links below to access work for these weeks.

Year 3 and 4 Spelling Words

Week 1: 16.03.20

Week 1 16.03.20

Functions of a Skeleton

Naming Bones

Types of Skeletons

Week 2: 23.03.20

Week 2 23.03.20

Worksheets Week 2

Amount of Nutrition

Types of Nutrition

Week 3: 30.03.20

Week 3 30.03.20

Spellings Group 1

Spellings Group 2

Science Mighty Muscles