Chestnut Class – July

We are encouraging families to not put themselves under pressure at this time and to complete what is right for their child and their family circumstance.

Miss Swain will not be asking for any work to be handed in for marking but if your child wants to make contact with her or show her work they have completed then please upload onto Tapestry and Miss Swain will respond.


Week 17. WC 6th July 2020


The Shepherd’s Voice by Andy and the Puppets.

Listen to the video and join in with the game at the start. Listen carefully for the instructions and remember to only do what the shepherd asks if he says “shepherd says…”

The story is based on Jesus calling himself the Good Shepherd and gets us thinking about the good things that happen when we spend time together.

Click below for the link to the video.


Road Safety update – for parents, carers and teachers

Road Safety Parent update


Week 18. WC 13th July 2020


Prayer by Reverend Graeme and Sophie

Listen to the video and join in with the song Looking to the Rainbow and then the actions with Lord’s Prayer.